Morning Brew 02/12/13

Why Are There So Many Murders in Chicago? – Aaron Renn, from the Urbanophile blog, has a story in New Geography that discusses why Chicago, in comparison to other mega Metro areas, has so many murders.  The last month was the deadliest month for Chicago in the last decade.  Things are not getting better and there is a need for systemic and cultural change.

Lessons For and From Lutherans – Ed Stetzer discusses and offers some wisdom surrounding the LCMS Pastor in Newtown, CT who was reprimanded by the LCMS for participating in a multi-faith prayer service for victims of the Newtown Massacre.  He offers some really helpful advice for pastors on thinking through our actions in a very public and watching world. 

The Spread of the Gospel in the Middle East – This is so cool.  Justin Buzzard has been in Dubai visiting the sister church of his church plant, Redeemer Dubai.  Excited to see such a big congregation of multi-ethnic worshippers in the 10/40 Window.  Click through to Redeemer Dubai’s website to check out what they are up to and how you could support them. 

SPRING TRAINING!  – Adam McCalvy, the Brewers beat writer, writes about the Pitchers and Catchers reporting for the Brewers today is a Youth Movement.  I am so excited and intrigued for this Brewers season.  Lots of young arms in the starting rotation and experienced and battle-tested arms in the bullpen and an explosive offense.  Going to have to wait to see what happens with Ryan Braun, but if he’s playing this year, I am confident the Brewers will be in the playoff race this year. 


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