Weekend Brew 02/09/13

Is Planting a Church With a Partner a Bad Idea? – Zach Nielsen, a church planter in Madison, shares 4 blog posts from Brian Howard about planting with a partner.  He shares Howard’s position, which is that it is, and shares his unique situation in Madison (planted as a team of bi-voc pastors).  What do you think?  Plant with a team or no?

Are Millennials More Self-Sacrificing and Community Minded Than Previous Generations? – A Look at some different research on whether Millennials (my generation) care more about community and are more likely to give up their resources (time, money, etc.) to causes and for others.  It’s interesting findings that basically answer maybe and probably no.  There is a big myth that Millennials are more self-sacrificing and community minded, but experience and research says otherwise.

The World’s Best Pickpocket – This is so cool.  It’s just sleight of hand, but definitely looks like magic.


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