Morning Brew 02/07/13

Why Can’t We Be Friends? – Jake Chambers breaks up the common misconception that friends cannot do ministry together.  “Jesus models a lifestyle that included leading, teaching, serving, eating, ministering to and with his friends.  In John 15:15 he no longer calls his disciples servants but friends.” 

No Texas, No Chainsaw, No Massacre – J.C. Macek III looks at the story and inspiration behind the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (apparently the original film is spelled Chain Saw, since the director of the film didn’t know chainsaw is one word).  He bounces between talking about Ed Gein, the Plainfield-native that inspired Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Psycho, and talking about the rather checkered filmography of the previously two mentioned films.  I went to school about 30 minutes away from Plainfield and have a very good friend from Ed Gein’s town.  Don’t worry, it’s a nice town, even if it has a notorious past. 

Do You Know Your Neighbor’s Names? – Justin Taylor shares a small excerpt from Mike Cosper and Daniel Montgomery’s book, Faithmapping.  They ask, do we know our neighbors names, or do we just want to do something big an event-like to try and do evangelism.  Sounds like a good book worth checking out.

Study Your City – “As missional Christians, we don’t want to be stuck in the past, speaking to where culture was 10 years ago. We don’t want to answer questions that nobody is asking—we need to be relevant today. We need to speak straight to real people in real space and real time with real questions. We need to provide informed, timely, and biblical reasons for why whatever or whomever they are currently worshiping pales in comparison with our Lord Jesus!”

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