Morning Brew 02/06/13

Americans Say Pro Athletes Have More Influence on Society Than Faith Leaders – Joe Carter shares some recent Barna Group research that says pro athletes carry more influence than faith leaders.  Not sure what this means, other than that it is easily recognizable that sports and religious faith both contend for the hearts of our people.  An interesting dichotomy that was pointed out was that the more affluent and higher income you have, the more likely you are to say that pro athletes are more influential than faith leaders.

7 Issues That Distract Leaders From Success – Ron Edmonson shares a counterpoint to his post, 7 Ideas That Will Help You Attain More Success.  What would you add as things that can deter success of leaders? 

Killing the Root of Sexual Exploitation – Tony Anderson, from the great organization Unearthed, shares how video for Groundswell.  I have been waiting for this forever, and am hoping to partner more with Tony in the future on some endeavors I am exploring with some cool guys here in Milwaukee.  Check out his website if you have time, too, and support his movie project, Hearts of Men. 

The Bible Belt Brouhaha Over Beer – CNN Belief Blog reports there is a growing movement to overturn the ban on homebrewing in the states of Alabama and Mississippi.  Did you even know that this was a law in those states?  To think that it would be illegal to homebrew in Wisconsin is unconscionable!  Homebrewers in those states are saying their civil liberties are being stomped on, and they are looking to take the ban to the state legislature.  Homebrewers unite!


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