Morning Brew 02/05/13

State of the Evangelical Union – Mike Breen from 3DM shares his thoughts on the state of evangelical church.  His thoughts on worship music and the direction of more churches revolving towards a family on mission were great.  Got a little lost on his comments on generational leaders, but I’m not a Gen Xer.  I highly recommend this read. 

Brick by Brick – Marcus Touissant is part of a church plant in Flagstaff, AZ.  Flagstaff is a ridiculously eclectic and hippie-ish city, so I love his insights into contextualizing that culture and their efforts to plant Flagstaff Community Church.  He shares a couple insights from a recent visit by a church planting ninja and what they learned to create a better environment for their guests. 

Love Your Mormon Neighbors – John Divito, a former Mormon, offers some helpful counsel on how to love Mormons and how we can  earnestly desire to know them better and pray for their salvation.  I have always felt that we should be doing more than just turning Mormons away, insulting them, or crushing them for their heretical views.  I ask the question, would I do that to a Muslim?  Their teaching is just as heretical as the Mormon faith, but does that mean we should lambaste and deride them like we Christians tend to do with Mormons?  Good thoughtful post that brings up a lot of questions. 

Finding the BLESS Rhythm – Missio Dei Communities in Tempe, AZ shares a quick PDF on the BLESS Rhythms.  This is a helpful tool for missional communities to find how they can be contextualizing to the rhythms of their neighborhood and city and also helps analyze where you can be improving.  I just noticed that it is a Dropbox link, so if you can’t get it through the main link, go HERE and you can print it off or save it.

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