Morning Brew 02/04/13 – Music Monday!

Music Links

Cool Cocoon – I like the electronic vibe and there some good songs on it. 

Music News

The Strokes announce a new album coming out on March 26th called “One Way Trigger.”  I guess I wasn’t paying much attention, I didn’t know they were coming out with anything new.  By the way, if you ever want a good story, ask me about my boycott of the Strokes back in 2001-02. 

MGMT is slated to release a new album in June.  They say this album is influenced by Aphex Twin and house music.  They also mention that they have on illusions, nor does their record company, that they will have Top 40 hits.  Not really looking forward to this album, but I could always be surprised. 

Continuing the new album release parade, Wavves shared details for their new album due out on March 26th.  Also, said link contains their tour schedule to promote the album and links to be able to pre-order the album.  Milwaukeeans, they are at the Rave on March 30th.

The news is a little old, but Pitchfork had a trailer for the new Beach House short-film, “Forever Still”.  This old news is now new, as the movie is being shared today on Pitchfork for your viewing pleasure. 

Justin Vernon, front man and all-around musical genius of Bon Iver, confirmed he will be at this years Coachella.  However, he will not be there with Bon Iver but with the Wisconsin-based side project, The Shouting Matches. 

Remember Depeche Mode?  They were so/still are cool!  Here is their new music video for the song “Heaven” off their new album Delta Machine, which is dropping on March 26th. 

A cool video of Patrick Stickels, frontman for Titus Anronicus, playing an acoustic show in Soho.  Here is the clip for the song, “Tried to Quit Smoking” via Pitchfork

This is not really music news, per se, but it is definitely music (sorta).  Here is a clip of a horse playing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” with its nose on a Recorder.  You’re welcome.

Now THIS is news.  Vampire Weekend, genius musicians and one of my favorite bands, announced, via the New York Times classifieds no less, the release of their new album, Vampires of the Modern City, on May 7th.  Also, they released dates for their tour leading up to and after the release of their new album.  I am sad that they don’t seem to make it around Milwaukee very often, but maybe some day.

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