Weekend Brew 02/02/13

The Zombie Apocalypse – Christianity Today explores how zombie movies and motifs have gone from “pul to pulpular”.  I for one am a huge fan of the Walking Dead and zombie movies, and love the pathos and deep, human themes that emerge from some of the best zombie movies.

1.8 Gigapixel Drone Camera Can See You Waving At it From 15,000 Feet – A look at technology developed for drone planes to monitor large areas in real-time.  The technology is ingenious and the capabilities are fascinating, but it is equally terrifying and unnerving.  Watch the 5 minute video from the PBS special on drones.

Are Christians Above The Law? – “There are biblical patterns of subjection established for the home, workplace and church, to name a few. This designed submission is for our good because if we cannot submit to earthly authorities that we see, how can we submit to the One whom we do not see?”

Disney’s Paperman – A cool animated Disney short that played before Wreck It Ralph.  It’s drawn animation, which is something Disney has moved away from, but it also incorporates some CG.  Super cool and a cute and funny romantic story.

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