Afternoon Brew 02/01/13 – Film Reel Friday

Film Reel Fridays!

Lucasfilms Hits Pause on 3-D Prequels – They find mercy in their hearts to not re-issue the first three movies.  May George Lucas have a bunker somewhere if he ever tries to release the original trilogy in 3D.  I might be a bit of a purist, but 3D would be gilding the lily and would ruin the films. 

Academy Gets Collection of B-Movie Posters From Golden Era – So the cool!  I wish the due would have sent them to me instead.  Golden Era movie posters are always good, and toss in the B-Movie angle and these suckers are probably worth some good simoleans. 

After 37 Emmys, The Simpsons Want an Oscar – Another Simpson movie? discusses the new short-film by the Simpsons, “Maggie Simpson in ‘The Longest Daycare”.  I wasn’t even aware this was out, but apparently they are even experimenting with doing 3D on a Halloween Episode.  *sigh*

One Minute Review: Zero Dark Thirty – The wonderful folks over at the Rabbit Room share their review of the highly controversial and politically charged (despite the director’s best claims) movie.  Go to their website to check out their other stuff.  It is all really good. 

“Movie 43” Is Just Plain Wrong…and Not in a Good Way – Matt Mueller at has a funny, yet serious, review of the film Movie 43.  I don’t steer away from many movies, but honestly, this sounds like one to avoid like Ebola.  The premise is mildly interesting, but it loses me with the crass, highly unnecessary humor. 

Move Over, Arnie: The Five Best Jason Statham Movies – Matt Mueller shares his Top 5 Jason Statham movies.  “Snatch” and “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels” are obvious choices (Snatch being my favorite of the two and the list), but his list left me interested in seeing the remake of The Italian Job.  Never seen it, nor ever wanted to, despite my like for J Stat.  Is that cool, can I make up nicknames for movie stars? 

Glut of R-Rated Movies Putting Box Office On Overload – Interesting read about the large amount of R-movies being released as of late.  PG-13 or under movies have been shooting to the top, since teens and families have not been frequent movie goers as of late because of the overload.  Interestingly enough, it is violence, not sex, that is driving the R-ratings lately.  Surprising considering the connection between violence and movie theaters from the Aurora shooting. 

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