Morning Brew 01/31/13

Preaching to the Collective Heart – “to preach to the heart means to go right for the commanding commitments of people’s lives that drive their desires, thinking, feeling, and action.”  Tim Keller presents how he engages people’s collective culture in his preaching, what he refers to as people’s “commanding commitments”.  Always good food for thought from Keller.  

Sex Trafficking at the Super Bowl – It’s a sad reality that our big cultural celebrations, like the Super Bowl, World Cup, and Olympics, lead to thousands of women and girls being trafficked into the host city for the games.  Justin Holcomb digs a little deeper beyond to the statistics and down to the heart of the issue, which is the hearts of men.  

We Must Move In Grace – Matt Chandler shares an excerpt from his book on how grace-driven effort is fueled by Christ’s performance on our behalf.  I like his last point where he says, “Grace-driven effort is violent. It is aggressive. The person who understands the gospel understands that, as a new creation, his spiritual nature is in opposition to sin now, and he seeks not just to weaken sin in his life, but to outright destroy it.”

The Un-American Church: Discipleship Community – “‘Discipleship’ should be understood in terms of “mission” because we exist to make, mature and multiply disciples. The very nature of “discipleship” is always striving to bring people closer to Jesus, no matter where they might be at on the spectrum. Discipleship is joining in the missio dei, the mission of God.”  Good word from Brent Thomas on the primacy of community in spiritual formation and discipleship.

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