Morning Brew 01/30/13

The Price of a Stolen Child – A long article in the New York Times Magazine about child sexual abuse, child pornography, and the devastating effects on two separate women.  This a real long read, it took me about 20 minutes, but it is well worth your time to get a glimpse at how sexual abuse and sexually exploited victims live.

Dan and Me – Shane Windmeyer, the Executive Director of Campus Pride, a national LGBT camps group, tells the story of how Dan Cathy, the President and COO of Chik-Fil-A, reached out to him after the giant firestorm around his comments about gay marriage and the picketing and anti-picketing last year (remember that?).  So many good things here, I applaud Cathy and Windmeyer’s civil dialogue and admire Cathy’s willingness to learn and stretch his faith to understand LGBT issues.  I, like Cathy, may not agree with the LGBT lifestyle and call it a sin, we should be able to sit down and talk about our differences with out tossing rocks at one another.

How to Avoid Brain Meltdown & Increase Theological Vision – Jonathan Dodson, founder and all around smart guy of Gospel-Centered Discipleship, shares their vision for 2013, some thoughts on their long form approach to their articles, and their theological vision for their articles.  Not only does it give us a peek at what is coming for the next couple months, but leaves you some good nuggets for reflection.

“For Now” – Luke Simmons, pastor at Redemption Church Gateway, shares what he calls the Brett Favre Principle for church planters and pastors.  Strikes a chord with this Packer fan, and is a good reflection on how saying, “For now,” doesn’t mean we’re always limp-wristed and indecisive.

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