Morning Brew 01/29/13

Trust Your Gut: Lesson Learned From Haguenau and Macy Falls – Any article that references Band of Brothers, Dick Winters, or Easy Company will automatically make the Morning Brew.  The Art of Manliness blog shares a good story on trusting our gut and examining our motives.  If you have never checked out the Art of Manliness blog, do it.  I consistenly find the articles edifying, knowledgable, helpful, and (of course) manly. 

Five Church Planting Dangers – Tim Chester wrote this for the Gospel Coalition blog a couple weeks ago, but this article is his expanded version of that article.  Really helpful advice for church planters and church planting teams on what can distract you from mission and fidelity to the gospel and God’s Church. 

Paul’s Church Planting Strategy – Ed Stetzer is blogging through his essay on the classic book, Paul’s Missionary Methods, by Rolland Allen.  In this part, he talks about Paul’s focus on places of influence to ignite church planting movements.  An interesting discussion, and I’m not sure we need all church plants to follow Paul’s example, but we certainly need many of them to do this. 

The Art of Neighboring – Hugh Halter waxes a little bit on Pathak and Runyon’s book, The Art of Neighboring.  I highly recommend this book, and Halter does a great job of distilling the books message down to loving our neighbors, as Jesus commanded, and not loving them to get something out of them (i.e. making them Christians, being best buds, etc.). 

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