Morning Brew 01/28/13

People Are Awesome – Click through to see a video of regular people doing insanely cool things.  It is amazing how God has designed the body to accomplish things we cannot imagine possible.

Waiter Hailed As Hero – A waiter stands up and refuses to serve a table that makes disparaging remarks about a 5-year old Down’s Syndrome boy at a restaurant.  A small sample of standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

Women Now Able to Serve in Combat – The Gospel Coalition takes a look at the question of, “Should women serve in combat?” and examines some biblical texts.  I’d be interested to get your take, but I cannot agree with this move.  Men are called to be the protectors of women, and it seems cowardly and a pragmatic decision that abdicates the God-given responsibility of men.  I’m not saying women can’t fight, but they shouldn’t have to.

A Little Perspective Please – The Darkness to Light blog shares that 97-99% of the time, kids are telling the truth about being sexually abused or exploited.  A little perspective, since even when someone is convicted for abusing a child, often the community surrounding fails to really believe the victim, especially if the offender is a respected member of the community.  Stand up for our victims, they are telling the truth and need our help, support, and love.


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