Morning Brew 01/25/13

Who Governs the Church – A pertinent post for our church, Waukesha City Church, as we are in disucssions right now about elders and deacons and what are their roles in the church.  I appreciate the Gospel Coalition’s focus on uniting churches of different polity to cordially debate differences and remain united in the gospel.

JJ Abrams Set To Direct Next “Star Wars” Film –  As a Jedi, I approve.  The Force is strong in JJ Abrams.  This is probably the best score that could have happened for Star Wars VII.  If history tells us anything, directors other than Lucas score big.  Empire Strikes Back was directed by Irvin Kershner and was a perfect fit for the darker mood of the story.  There is no better way to reset the operatic and fanfare-like bluster of a new Star Wars film than to bring in the guy who managed to breathe new life into Star Trek.  I highly anticipate hilarious plot spoofs to come out in light of Star Wars snagging Abrams, and they better not disappoint. 

You Can’t Microwave People Into Maturity – Erik Raymond looks back on goals he has set for himself and reflects on how patience and persistence will pay off with goals and with people.  When we are convinced God is giving the growth, we will not grow frustrated but trust in His timing and the Spirit’s work. 

Confessions of a Failed Church Planter – This is an incredibly honest post from Jason Brooks on Ed Stetzer’s blog.  What kept ringing in my head was Jeff Vanderstelt asking, “Are you secure enough in your relationship with Christ for your church plant to dail?”  That is one of his major tests for your readiness to plant a church.  Jason is in that place now, and shares his story of how church plants that fail are heart-breaking but part of the cycle of church and churches.  Not every plant succeeds, and that is okay. 


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