Evening Brew 01/24/13

Ah, the smooth and jolting evening brew.  Perfect for the late meeting, insomniac, self-inflicted cram session, or post-dessert chaser.  Make sure to enjoy a nice scone with it, since eating a regular dinner with coffee is nasty.

493 Churches To Watch – Not sure why 493, but ChurchRelevance.com has put together churches to watch, study, and learn from.  Interesting enough, but is a little on the time-consuming side if you want to click through to each church.  File this one under the “view when hyped up on red bull” category.  Note to planters and pastors in Wisconsin, there are only THREE Wisconsin churches on the list.  There is a big task ahead. 

The Mars Volta Breaks Up – These guys were pretty much the only Prog Rock band I could stand.  I remember a friend of mine from High School, Patrick, loved this band and introduced me to them.  Sad to hear of their break up, but all good (and weird) things must come to an end. 

On another note, Patrick was the guy, in the year 2000, I went to see a band I had heard a little about, was playing at the Pabst in Milwaukee, and sounded pretty good.  That band was the White Stripes.  My musical tastes were never the same again after that night.  They are the only band I have seen in concert more than once, and both shows were incredible. Jack White is so cool. 

Each Gram of DNA Holds Half a Million DVDsI was blown away by the cool process used by the molecular biologists, but how amazing that one gram contains that much information.  How amazing is the design of our God?  Maybe if we managed to collect 2 billion DVDs, we might be able to build a human out of them.  The science sounds sketchy, but I’m sure it would(n’t) work. 

When He Feels Far Off – “He is near not because we feel his nearness, but because he says he is near.”  A great small article from the Gospel Coalition.  Even when God seems a million miles away, we can trust that He is near. He is with us and is for us. 

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