Afternoon Brew 01/14/13

I’m Busy!  What Should I Read? – Tony Reinke from Desiring God shares some wisdom on what to read, at what pace, and why read.  I really liked his take on reading as thinking, and it gives me hope that my voracious reading diet helps me to give pause and to think. 

Time to Stop Looking In And Start Looking Up“Too often our preaching (and our counseling) is the equivalent of giving a drowning man swimming lessons”.  Tullian Tchividjian shares about the subtle shift in the church from what Jesus has done to what are we doing.  Any post that quotes Ridderbos wins in my book. 

An Interview with Justin and Lindsay Holcomb – The White Horse Inn interviews the Holcombs on about Sexual Assault and how the gospel best applies to victims.  Click through to get to the whole interview, and read their book Rid of My Disgrace.  It is the best book you can find on the gospel and sexual assault and is extremely informative and helpful for pastors and/or victims. 

Learning Creativity from Jerry Seinfeld – Stephen Altrogge shares a couple lessons he learned from watching Jerry Seinfeld’s short 5 minutes interview on the anatomy of a joke with the New York Times.  Extremely informative and helpful for creative and original content types. 

Kinetic Toothpick sculpture of San Francisco – This is so cool.  Sculptor Scott Weaver has spent 30 years and over 3,000 hours building a toothpick model of the city of San Fran. 


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