Weekend Brew 01/12/13

More Gigl-imbroglio articles – I appreciate Matthew Lee Anderson’s take over at the CCN Belief Blog on the whole ordeal.  He points out some people’s response to the mess combined with how Giglio graciously bowed out without a big uproar on his part.  Ron Edmonson also has a good look at how the Church should respond when it is hated.

Beluga Photobomb – Here in Wisconsin, home of the NFL’s resident photobomber, we appreciate our photobombs.  This picture is hilarious, and is destined to grace many Facebook photo posts and memes.  Be ready, I warned you.

Urban Spelunking:  Endangered Old Schoolhouses – Urban Spelunking is so cool, and OnMilwaukee.com has a piece spelunking some of the closed down school buildings in Milwaukee.  I can never really place why I love old buildings so much, but I just loved reading about these schools and looking at the insides.

Can I Plant a Church in a Deprived Area Even if I Don’t Come From That Background? – An article from Scotland talking about cultural outsiders and their viability in planting the gospel among cities and areas.  I completely agree that we need church planters to be outsiders, insiders, and natives.  It is important not to disqualify someone on the basis of cultural familiarity.   Anywho, read the article and if you want to talk more about this one, I would love to talk for hours!


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