SPECIAL – Noon Brew – 01/11/13

New Music From Sovereign Grace – There is a new EP from Sovereign Grace Music called All That Thrills My Soul.  There music is always good, so I would suggest giving it a listen and a purchase.  You can go to Bandcamp or iTunes to stream and purchase. 

A Day a Week, A Week a Year – Tim Challies blogs about, starting in 2010, taking a week off from anything digital and electronic and how that has also expanded to taking a day off from them, as well, on the weekend.  This is a really good idea, and I could see it working and being helpful when my kids are a little older and might have those kind of distractions. 

Is Spite of National Tragedies, Horror Films Endure – I’m a film guy, and I don’t like Horror movies.  My sister was always really in to them, which started when she watched the Scream series.  You would think that with the recent violence of Sandy Hook and Aurora that these movies would not be able to do well at the Box Office, but they still do.

The U.S. is Not as Violent as You Think – Speaking of violence in culture, Joe Carter has an interesting article excerpt on the likelihood you will be murdered.  The article linked has its issues, and the first comment on Carter’s blog does a fairly good job of undressing something of the arguments.  Interested to find out what you think on this one. 

Pirate Song from Keith Richards and Tom Waits – Pitchfork links to a sneak peek of the album “Sons of Rogues Gallery”, which is a collection of Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs, and Chanteys compiled by well known artists.  I love Tom Waits music, and Keith Richards addition is a wash, but this song is good and I can’t help but picture a pile of slightly inebriated pirates bellowing this song from the Quarter Deck.  Soooooo Enjoy! 

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