Morning Brew 01/11/13

The Louie Imbro-Giglio – The big rhubarb is Louie Giglio withdrawing from the Inauguration Prayer of President Obama because of an “anti-gay” sermon preached in the 90’s.  I linked to Russell Moore’s comments above, but here is some perspective from Al Mohler, Joe Carter, Ed Stetzer, The Huffington Post and CNN Belief Blog.  I normally have a pretty reserved perspective on the relationship between the church and homosexuals, but this is a significant story that deserves attention and discussion.

Inauguration Prayers, Black History and the Homosexual Agenda – John C. Richards Jr. at Urban Faith provides another side of the coin of the Inauguration, but has some very good thoughts on how with Giglio’s exit, his dream Inaugural Prayer duo was wipe out.

What Van Gogh’s Famous Self-Portrait Looks Like As a Photograph – This is very cool.  Lithuanian photographer Tadao Cern uses a special digital process to take Van Gogh’s painting and turn it into a real still.  Watch the video on the link if you want to see how he made it.


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