Morning Brew 01/10/13

Five Church-Planting Dangers – Tim Chester is one of the smartest pastors and church-planters out there, and he always has good advice.  He hits the nail on the head over at the Gospel Coalition on major pitfalls in church planting and touches on contextualization.  A lot of stuff I have been reflecting on lately.  

Why Did God Use Spurgeon – “Mental strength and eloquence of speech (for those of you who possess them) may gather large crowds and earn you recognition, but only the power of the Spirit can reach into a human soul to bring transformation.”  Chris Costaldo reflects on how Charles Haddon Spurgeon, the Prince of Preachers, was such an effective minister of the gospel.  Great stuff!
The Best Aerial Image of New York You Will Ever See – So cool and so weird looking at the same time.  This was a bunch of aerial panoramic shots all stitched together to create one seamless image.  
The Love of God in the Local Church – Brandon Smith takes a look at how the love of God informs some of the practices of the local church.  
The Five Best Gangster Films – Matt Mueller from takes a quick look at the top 5 gangster movies in honor of the movie “Gangster Squad” due out this weekend.  He must have also heard that I am posting a review later today of Casino for the IMDb Top 250 Challenge, even though it didn’t make his list.  

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