Morning Brew 01/08/13

Meeting Refugees on the Roofs of Richmond – “They are invisible, unknown, and displaced. Many of them have sacrificed promising career paths and training for a chance to come to America. Onetime lawyers and doctors find themselves sweeping floors or serving up burgers here in the United States.”

Lefty Mike Gonzalez Welcomed to Crew Bullpen – The Brewers bullpen stank last year and was the major reason they missed the playoffs.  This signing might be the best one and radically improves the Brewers pen.  We have TWO lefties now!

Satan’s Favorite Box at the Seattle Library – After stumbling on a find at the Seattle library, Adam Sinnett reflects on what he saw and how there is much work left to do.

The Death of the Mall and the Future of Church Buildings – Thom Rainer reflects on the dying phenomenon of malls and how they will effect the future of church buildings.  An insightful read, even if you are only a former mall rat.

Oscar Nomination Predictions – The Atlantic gives it’s picks for the upcoming Oscars.  I never like these lists, and this is no exception, but it’s worth reading and talking about.  Anything like this can help satiate a cinephiles appetite for movies.

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