Morning Brew 01/04/13

Finding the Balance – Part 2 of Brent’s post that I had yesterday on the gospel.  This looks at the power and the purpose of the gospel, two different but equally important aspects of the gospel of grace.

25 Famous Actors Ridiculing Their Profession – There are some pretty good quotes in here.  My favorite comes from Sir Michael Caine.  “I’m a skilled, professional actor.  Whether I’ve got any talent is beside the point.”

A Martian Dream – Software engineer Kevin Gill wanted to re-imagine Mars as a planet that would be like ours.  Using a program he designed himself, he put in oceans, land, deserts, and tropical forests to come up with a super cool rendering of how Mars might appear if it looked more like Earth.

10 Things to Pray For Your Wife – Johnathon Parnell gives some excellent, solid, biblical nuggets on how we men can pray for our wives this year.  I know I need to be in the habit of praying for Tina everyday.  Her responsibility of taking care of our children and house can sometimes be overwhelming and tiring and I am thankful for her hard work and Christ-like example.

Porn is an Elementary School Problem – Adam Griffin, from the Village Church in Texas, pleads with parents to have a game plan for addressing pornography with their children.  The average age of first exposure to pornography is 11 years old, so there are kids being exposed sooner than that.  I concur that this needs to be addressed early and often if you want your child to be aware of the danger of porn and the evils of the porn industry.

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