Morning Brew 01/03/13

It’s Probably More Than You Think, But It’s Certainly Not Less – In its most fundamental sense, “gospel,” as you know, means “good news.” This certainly includes ”salvation by grace alone through faith alone/substitutionary atonement/propitiation,” but it is also almost certainly not limited to this doctrine.”

Going to the Gym Today?For the popularity of that pastime, we can thank and/or blame this guy: Dr. Jonas Gustav Wilhelm Zander, the Swedish physician and orthopedist and all-around genius who invented the exercise machine in its familiar form.”

These Two Charts Tell You Exactly Who Won the Fiscal-Cliff Deal – Good short article from the Atlantic who made out like a boss on the Fiscal Cliff Deal.  The big winners are still low-income winners and HENRYs.  

What Brings Atheists to Church?  – Apparently the answer is their children.  You can link to the larger article on Patheos HERE.  I’m sure my mother-in-law, a Children’s Ministry Director, would appreciate this article.  

Be Simple and Reproducible – Ed Stetzer, one of my favorite blog writers and all around church planting wizard, gets to the heart of some radical shifts that we need to take lessons from the Global Church.  I resonate with this post and completely agree.  What the North American church lacks is a church planting movement.  


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