Morning Brew 01/02/13

As Pheasants Disappear, Hunters in Iowa Follow – A look at some of the affects of changing land usage in Iowa.  Also, the future of hunting in Iowa depends on the stalled farm bill, which also could have a large affect on the Wisconsin dairy industry.

Torture, Twitter, and Alfred Hitchcock: 2012’s Biggest Movie Controversies – Is Film Dead?; Samuel L. Jackson loses his cool; specious biography and political dust ups!  Movies tell stories, incite controversy and keep us talking!

The Soul & the City – “The built environment matters, not only for our bodies but for our souls, and the souls of our brothers and sisters and neighbors.”  Super cool article from Anamnesis.  Thanks to Joe Carter for the find.

New Churches Focus on Building a Community Life – “It’s unsettling for a movement that’s lasted 2,000 years to now find that, ‘Oh, some of the things we always assumed would connect with the community aren’t connecting with everyone in the community in the way they used to.”

Firing Coaches Poetic Justice – Tuesday Morning Quarterback – If you are not yet reading Gregg Easterbrook’s column, TMQ, on ESPN every Tuesday after a football weekend, you must rearrange your priorities.  This is by far the best football column on the internet, and I love Easterbrook’s take on all things NFL.  This week he starts his column honing in on this end-of-regular-season round of head coach firings.

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