Morning Brew 01/01/13

Top 10 Movies of 2012 – Another list of Top 10 movies from 2012, this time from James Harleman, move blogger extraordinaire and author of the recently released book Cinemagogue: Reclaiming Entertainment and Navigating Narrative for the Myths and Mirrors the were Meant to Be. His review basically becomes a checklist of movies to see for me, so I whole-heartedly recommend his list. Also, I’m in the throes of his book right now and plan on a review, so stay tuned for that (Hint: It is shaping up to start out 2013 as my book to beat for Book O’ the Year).  Also, here is a list from Adrian Lyne, as well over at IMDb.

Leadership Lessons from RG3 – “My strategy was to come in and try to lead by example first. Being a rookie, you don’t want to come in talking right away. You can rub a lot of guys the wrong way. .?.?. One thing you can’t do as a leader is come out and say you’re the leader.”  There are some great leadership and church planting lessons in here.

Evangelism Has Become A Dirty Word – “[I]t is God alone who draws men and women to Himself (John 6:44), and it is the Church collectively that is called to reach the world. Not me. The Church together. With every part working its unique strength (Ephesians 4:16) that God can use for his glory.”  A great, short article from Matt and Michelle Brown at Think Eternity from GCD.

10 Reasons Why Starting A Blog Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution – A cool infographic from via Scot McKnight at Jesus Creed.  I will not be utilizing this website, and I guess you can say this is my New Year’s resolution, despite it not actually being my resolution.

Monkeys Riding Dogs Herding Goats – Need I say another word?

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