Morning Brew 12/28/12

Every morning during the week, the Morning Brew provides a small sampling of the best of the previous days articles found all over the wonderful interwebs.  It could be anything, since it is subjectively selected articles that I have read and enjoyed or think many of you would want to read.  You can typically expect four to five articles with a small synopsis or quote after.

Five Movies to Look Forward to in 2013 – Personally, I’m looking forward to the new Superman movie, but this list from gives a nice preview of some of the cooler and lesser-hyped movies coming out in 2013.

Why People Think Christians Are Fake – The worship leader I talked to said when he performed ‘Come Thou Fount,’ he changed the lyrics.”

Should You “Choose” To Be Attracted to Your Potential Spouse – Stephen Altrogge addresses Christians finding a spouse.  I agree with with his sentiments and believe that too often pastoral dating and marriage advice overlooks that, to a certain extent, we should be physically attracted to our potential spouse.  Seems pretty rational and straight-forward, no?  Well, we love to make life more complicated than it has to be.

Lomas Brown: “I regret it happened” – I am a big football guy (not as big as baseball) and a huge Packers fan.  As a result, I listen to ESPN 540 every day at work, and this has been causing quite the stir this week.  I find sports to be incredibly fascinating and not just fun to follow, but shows the full spectrum of human experience and cultural ethos.  Any who, I’m wondering what you think of all this rhubarb.  

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