2012 Blockbuster Face-Off


2012 Blockbuster Face-off!  

By the wonderful use of the limited Christmas list, I was gifted both The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises for Christmas this year (both movies I hadn’t seen).  I was ecstatic but made sure to spend my nickel in the cinema-clink for having not seen either of these movies in the theater.  And, since I had two nights where my family was going to be at my in-laws while I came back to Waukesha to work, I figured I could watch one each night.  So, before I got home, I decided to pose the question, “Which movie should I watch?”

It touched off a rather healthy dialogue on both of these movies.  Some thought, hands down, Avengers was the better movie.  Others (some with a bit of vigor), thought Dark Knight Rises was the superior movie.  They divided into camps, started to sling arrows, and eventually sortied out onto the field of battle and warred for their favorite movie (I might be exaggerating, a lot).  Anyways, I knew I was getting somewhere and that I was in for a good two-night stint.

After watching both movies in true viewing form (loud volume, lights off, and bowl of cereal), I can say with absolute certainty that both movies were fantastic.  They do not fail to disappoint, are spectacularly made, and left me wanting to watch them again and find out more.  As an aside, I can tell I like a movie a lot when I watch the extras, look up the movie on IMDb right after, try to find out more about the origins of the story, and read reviews from move critics and other fans.  I have a lot quite a few thoughts on the movies and enjoyed most of what I saw, but I clearly think one is better than the other.

I want to take a post for each movie since this is definitely a showdown worthy of a semi-lengthy treatment.  I’ll look at both of these movies through the 5 lenses of story, characters, actors/actresses, pathos, and entertainment.  I find these 5 categories a good mixture of what to expect in a dramatic movie and does a good job of giving a proper snapshot of the overall quality of a film.

So, first up is going to be the Avengers.  Be prepared for heart-pounding drama, edge-of-your-seat-grabbing action, and Samuel L. Jackson.

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