Black Mass and Relative Goodness

Pretty much all the writing and talking I do is at Reel World Theology these days. Check out our latest podcast on Black Mass. Fizz and I talk with Tyler Smith of Battleship Pretension and One More Lesson about a movie we kinda liked but we think largely missed the mark. However, it doesn’t stop us from having a great conversation!

Black Mass and Relative Goodness


Jupiter Ascending and Choose Your Own Theology

Was back on the mic podcasting with Fizz, my compatriot at RWT, and Elijah Davidson from Reel Spirituality talking about Jupiter Ascending. Check it out over at Reel World Theology.

Jupiter Ascending and Choose Your Own Theology

Review | The Overnighters

Normally, you can find me writing and reviewing movies over at Reel World Theology. However, I got the really great opportunity to write an extended review at Reel Thinking on the movie The Overnighters.

“While it is an immensely inspiring story of a pastor and the church responding to Jesus’ call to care for those in need in their community, this ministry and the people who are ministered to are just one element of a very compelling and layered narrative. Pastor Jay Reinke’s personal story opens and closes the movie and is by far the most captivating storyline that Moss explores. An incredibly gifted and loving man, Pastor Reinke is also an incredibly flawed human, like all of us. Pastor Reinke’s story highlights the passion and the peril of Christian ministry.”

The Overnighter’s Review – Reel Thinking

Click on the article link to check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks to Blaine Grimes and John Perritt at Reel Thinking for the chance to write the article and check out their site and their other writings, as well.

Review | As It Is In Heaven

Here’s my latest review over at Reel World Theology on the movie As It Is In Heaven. It is the directorial debut of Joshua Overbay and it has been getting a lot of play among my circle of Christian cinephile compatriots. It’s a thoughtful and terrifying look at spiritual abuse and the interpersonal relationships of a Christian cult.

Click on the link below and let me know what you think and make sure to follow my work over at Reel World Theology.

As It IS In Heaven Review – Reel World Theology

Living Out Fear And Anxiety

I really enjoy sharing my wife’s work over at Our Bit of Chaos. She has written a really helpful and hopeful article on living with fear and anxiety and not to operate out of the place.

Fear is a mighty force.  It can dictate so many of our thoughts, words and actions.  We are so  for self preservation that we don’t allow ourselves to be vulnerable or reveal our real selves to others.  It whispers in our ear, convincing us that our deepest, darkest nightmares will come true and that we are alone in our wanderings on this earth.  That is exactly the opposite of how God desires us to operate.  He desires us to have vulnerable, open communication with Him and with those He’s put in our lives to walk this road with us.

You can check out her whole post below and also read a lot of the other stuff she has written. She is really great!


…Stay Sweet My Boy…

I already knew this story and it still made me cry. Love our big man and my wife for sharing this simple, yet sweet, story.


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This is my sweet boy.  My oldest little man.  The most intelligent 6 year old I know (seriously, he multiplied 23 x 7 yesterday at church). He’s skipped 1st grade, has one season of soccer under his belt and is constantly thinking.  Often I joke that he is an old man stuck in a 6-year-old body, but I really do believe that most of the time.  He’s an old soul–whether in good ways or bad (cranky old man anyone?).

Micah Joseph has always had a sweet heart.  He’s a tender kid, who often will become emotional during movies when he isn’t sure how it will turn out.  But he also can be pretty rude and arrogant, so please don’t get the impression that he’s the perfect kid. 🙂  Micah and I are very similar in nature.  Not necessarily intelligence…

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